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Fix My Hair
Aunt Jackies

Fix My Hair

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Intensive Repair Conditioning Masque.

Nourish and repair hair inside and out. Best for 2c - 4c textures and gentle enough to be used daily, or as needed. Rich in Omega Fatty Acids; Vitamin E, Flaxseed has been used throughout the ages to nourish hair follicles, and improve the overall health of the roots, shaft, and scalp. It is known for aiding in hair's strength; growth, and preventing hair loss and split ends. Rinse-out, deep conditioning treatment, with penetrating oils that nourish and repair hair inside and out. Leaves hair softer Andamp; better strengthened.

Who needs it?

Hair textures that are curlier and coilier, hard to soften, prone to frizzing and swelling, protective stylers, any hair type in need of a reparative treatment.

Why AJ Fix My Hair?

Coats hair with natural essential oils and butters that are widely known and used for correcting and preventing damage, and softening and strengthening hair. Penetrates the hair shaft for inner and outer repair and protection. Repairs dry, brittle hair. Helps lock in moisture.

Flaxseed recipes with:

Mango Butter: delivers intensive moisture,helps repair damage, improves scalp health. Avocado Oil: Helps prevent and repair damage, shines, softens. Coconut Oil: Penetrates hair shaft,strengthens, conditions.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • No Mineral Oil
  • No Petrolatum
  • Moisturizing

Can I use Aunt Jackie's on my hair if it is chemically treated and not natural?

YES! Aunt Jackie's can be used on any hair type or texture, including chemically treated, relaxed, texturized and color-treated hair.

Why are Sulfates bad for my hair?

Natural hair tends to stay dry. Sulfates, mostly found in shampoos (that help create lather), can have a stripping effect on natural hair, removing hair's essential oils and contributing to the problem of dryness. Many sulfate-free shampoos don't lather well, causing the user to think that the hair isn't really clean. Aunt Jackie's products are sulfate-free, but our shampoo is lather-rich and thoroughly cleanses hair.

What's does Co-Wash mean?

Co-Wash, or Conditioning Wash, is a term used to describe shampooing with a conditioner instead of shampoo. Most conditioners have some cleansing properties and will provide a mild cleansing. However, hair and scalp must be rinsed very well to remove impurities before Co-Washing. This method is recommended for really tight, kinky hair that shrivels up and recoils easily. It aids in keeping the hair softer, longer and stretching natural texture. Co-Washing is not recommended for fine, limp textures, as it will make hair feel weighed down. Finally, Co-Washing is not recommended for hair and scalp that has a lot of build up, as it will not cleanse as thoroughly as shampoo.

Are there preservatives in Aunt Jackie's products?

Products without preservatives easily run the risk of forming bacteria, spoiling, and have extremely short shelf lives. While Aunt Jackie's contains NO PARABENS (a chemical class of preservatives), the products do contain eco-friendly preservatives to help sustain shelf life. These preservatives are not harmful to scalp, hair or skin, or the environment.

If Aunt Jackie's products are healthy for my hair, why are there so many strange ingredients on the label?

While many products marketed for natural hair claim to have “all-natural, “organic or “good-for-you ingredients, many make false claims and have labels that are not FDA or EU compliant. These compliance issues are updated frequently, requiring manufacturers to list certain raw materials on the label. If a label is compliant, it will likely be lengthy. Aunt Jackie's products are committed to label compliance, therefore we list everything required for both U.S. and European standards. These compliance standards are in place for your safety, informing you of things like potential allergens and other helpful information. This level of compliance makes our ingredient legend a bit long, but we respect your health and the safety of our products.

Does Aunt Jackie's test on animals?

No, Aunt Jackie's products are not tested on animals.

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